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 Automation Systems

Hospital Automation Systems, Sterilizer Automation Systems. Sterilizer Automation Systems for Hospital.
We provide a variety of control systems along with our machines. Our PLC and Micro-processor based control systems used for process control and data retrieval, give us the flexibility to cater to clients with different needs.
Where our clients have a budget-constraint we use microprocessor based systems developed in-house by our own people. Also these relatively cost-efficient systems allow us to provide automation on products which were hitherto used only manually.

Our PLC / Microprocessor based Hardware configurations are interfaced with a wide range of MMI (Man-Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software
 There are various advantages of such systems
  • Accurate and repeated duplication of process parameters.
  • Recipe selection to accommodate sterilization of a wide spectrum of products and packaging variations in the same machine.
  • Assurance of operation by authorized personnel through password protection facility.
  • Ease of monitoring and Validation of process parameters, through on-line printing facility
  • Alarm and error code generation and subsequent preventive action can be programmed for the process as per custom requirement.
  • Audio Visual Alarm for operator facilitation.
  • Interface with touch-screen MMI panels and / or SCADA software loaded on a desk-top or lap-top PC allows:
    • Continuous process status indication in Graphic/ Mimic / data format.
    • Displays on-line status of various process parameters like time, temperature, pressure and all other analog values.
    • Entire screens can be dedicated to customized views of instrument status, set-parameters, and other process values.
    • Alarm conditions are displayed as and when they occur and as a report at the end of the cycle. Corrective measures and remedies to alarm conditions are also displayed for operator reference and action.
    • The SCADA and advanced MMI software allows the operator Recipe selection as opposed to the conventional method of manually feeding values for each and every cycle.
    • Advanced multi-level pass-word protection enhances security. This ensures that no unauthorized person handles / harms the machine.
    • Reports can be printed in various formats like Excel-Sheets etc.
    • Records for each and every cycle can be presented in detailed data format, Summary format and trend format.
    • In case of SCADA software being used the reports are digitally stored in the memory of the PC. These reports can be reproduced / printed as and when the user requires, thus saving considerable storage space and costs.
Hospital automation systems, sterilizer automation systems and all kind medical devices and medical instruments by Sun Sterifaab.
Sterilizer Automation Systems.
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