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 Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave):

Steam Sterilizer.
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers Steam Sterilizer.

Bulk Rectangular Autoclaves

Horizontal High Speed, High-Pressure Cylindrical Sterilizer
with Automation Panel


RECTANGULAR AUTOCLAVES (Steam Sterilizer Standard Size)

Sr. No. Chamber Width (mm) Chamber Height (mm) Chamber Depth (mm) Chamber Volume
(M3) / (Ft.3)
Chamber Capacity  (Liters) Floor Space
(Width x Depth)
1 450 450 900 0.18 / 6.75 191 1500  / 2300
2 600 600 1200 0.432 / 16 450 1700 / 2700
3 600 600 1500 0.54   / 20 563 1700 / 2700
4 900 900 1500 1.215 / 45 1269 2200 / 3000

CYLINDRICAL HORIZONTAL AUTOCLAVES (Steam Sterilizer for Hospital USE Standard Size)

Sr. No. Chamber Diameter (mm) Chamber Depth (mm) Chamber Volume (Liters) Steam Generator Capacity (liters / kw) Floor Space (Width x Depth)
1 400 600 81 45 / 18 990  / 1800
2 500 900 185 55 / 36 1200 / 2300
3 500 1200 248 55 / 36 1200 / 2700
* In addition to the above any special sizes are also manufactured to suit customer requirements.
 Vacuum System: Mechanical removal of air initially from within the chamber with the use of a vacuum system ensures    that no air-pockets hinder the steam penetration and hence the sterilization process.
 Steam Sterilizer for sterilization of varied Hospital equipment like gloves, linen, gauze, cotton, instruments, glassware etc. using    standard 121°C & 134°C cycles which are pre-programmed in the memory of the PLC / Microprocessor
 Electrical Steam-generator provided for all models up to a chamber volume of 1000 liters.
 Temperature uniformly and accurately maintained throughout the chamber to within ± 0.5°C of the Set Sterilization temperature.
 Air Filter: 0.01 micron clean air-filter for stabilization of the internal air-pressure from vacuum condition.
 Door safety: Door is automatically locked when chamber is under pressure. For double door models, both doors will not open simultaneously to ensure sterile chain integrity.
 Safety: Jacket and Chamber Safety valves provided.
 Chamber Fabrication: Chamber fabricated out of SS 304 / S316 grade steel. Heavy duty Steel Jacket encircles and strengthens the chamber.
 All machines are available with conventional hinged doors, or Modern Automatic sliding door options
 Double-wall design ensures uniform and rapid pre-heating of the chamber
   Flush-Mounted panel provided on the sterile side on request, ensuring separation from the un-monitored environment of the operating side.
 Steam Sterilizer Sterility assurance through Automation:
  • During Sterilization a Microprocessor / PLC controls temperature, Pressure, Steam Injection, Sterilization time, Drying and all other critical time based parameters.
  • Important sterilization parameters like Phase Status, Current Values & set values, continuously displayed at all times on Controller Screen & on Remote Computer via SCADA software.
  • Continuous display of Temperature and Pressure On-line allows user to be aware of Cycle status at all times.
  • Error Code and alarm is generated and cycle stops automatically in case any error occurs. Computer Screen displays Error, possible cause and remedy.
  • The advanced SCADA software provided stores detailed records of Process- Data for every cycle.
  • Reports are available in Data, Summary and Graph formats for every batch of goods sterilized.
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