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Steam Sterilizer.

CLASS B TABLE TOP AUTOCLAVE (Technical Specification)

Sr. No. Model No. Chamber Diameter (mm) Chamber Depth (mm) Heating Floor Space
(Width x Depth)
1 FS-9 250 450 3 KW 530 / 645
2 FS-18 350 500 6 KW 630 / 700
 Temperature uniformly and accurately maintained throughout the chamber to within ± 0.5°C of the set sterilization temperature.
 Chamber safety valve and heat resistant silicon Gasket provided. Chamber tested hydraulically at twice the working pressure.
 Chamber and door fabricated out of SS 316L grade steel.
 4 Trays are provided for loading material into the sterilizer
 0.2 micron autoclavable, Teflon filter provided for pressure equalization in the chamber post sterilization.
 Power supply is 220 V Ac/50Hz.
 Digital data back-up facility
 Audio Alarm & Visual Display error messages on video screen
 Supervisory access codes and password protection for prevention of unauthorized access.
 No external water source is required. The Autoclave consumes water from an integrated reservoir, filled with de-mineralized water.
  • A cycle will not start unless the door is properly locked.
  • Door will not open after completion of the cycle until atmospheric pressure and safe temperature are achieved inside the chamber.
  • Automated double locking safety device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized.
  • Automatic safety shutoff prevents overheating of chamber.
  • Similarly the chamber overpressure safety too is automatic through pressure transmitter and pressure switches
  • Two independent clean water level indicators: A digital alert and a visual indicator
  • Used water level alert indicates when reservoir should be emptied
  • Audible indication if cycle is not properly completed
  • Control and Printing : Fully Automatic PLC control system provides on-line documentation through in-built printer.
  • SCADA : Provides the option to link PC to the autoclave for Remote control and monitoring. Records in three formats (Detailed Report, Summary, Graph) can be stored in the PC and reprinted as and when required.

Pre-Vacuum phase efficiently removes air, resulting in the full penetration of steam into wrapped, porous and hollow loads. The post -vacuum drying phase ensures complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments. This guarantees that even the most difficult loads will be sterilized completely


Program Name Instruments and Material Sterilizer Temp.
  Flash 134   Unwrapped Instruments 134° c
  Wrapped 134 P   Porous Wrapped and Hollow A 134° c
  Unwrapped 134 D   Un Wrapped and Hollow Instruments 134° c
  Wrapped 121 P   Unwrapped Instruments 121° c
  Unwrapped 121 D   Porous wrapped and hollow A 121° c
  Delicate   Porous wrapped and hollow A 121° c
  User Selected prog.   9 user selected programs can be used User Selectable
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