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 Hot water shower sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer.
  Hot water shower sterilizers are specialized equipment for terminal sterilization of solutions in sealed flexible/rigid/semi-rigid plastic containers, as well as glass bottles.
 These containers, if sterilized using conventional steam sterilizers (autoclaves) will deform /collapse/break due to the fluid overpressure crated by the increased temperature inside the container.
 The HWSS counteracts this internal pressure by maintaining the exact level of external pressure on the outside of the container during the process.
 This external positive pressure combined with water (at super-heated temperatures), allows for complete sterilization of the fluid as required.
 The loads are also cooled in the same chamber which is fabricated our of SS 316L. The chambers are fabricated to meet all standards like ASME, USFDA, EN285, ISO and HTM 2010.
 The various components like, heat-exchangers, shower plates, pipes, are all fabricated from the highest quality of SS 316 stainless steel.
 The bought out components like the SS316 centrifugal pump for circulation of the DM water, valves, sensors and safety valves for the Heat exchangers and the chamber are of the highest quality.
 The PLC controlled automation combined with the excellent design and build quality of the machine allows +/- 1 degree Celsius temperature uniformity within the chamber, and ensures requisite F0 values are achieved during sterilization.
 Our SCADA software ensures that in addition to on-line printing, records are maintained digitally in graph and detailed data formats as well as single-page summary.
  • Large volume parenterals in glass containers, rigid or semi-rigid plastic, flexible plastic.
  • Injectable products in plastic ampoules, syringe ampoules.
  • Solutions in plastic metering containers, in cans with flip-off or threaded closures.
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